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Janet MacPherson Moller

I created Dancing Stone Studio to be a place where I could share my creative work.  

Surrounded by art and music growing up, I discovered my love and talent for art early in life.  Drawing and painting filled my days.

Heading 1


As a child living on Cape Cod I was given the freedom to explore the quiet woodlands, still ponds, and wild open seashore of the local landscape.  I loved it! My imagination was nourished by this immersion time.  Discovering all the hidden nooks and crannies of The Cape shaped my aesthetic in profound ways.  As a result, I developed an understanding and reverence for the power and presence of these places. Over the years a natural progression unfolded where I brought my two loves together -- art and nature.


In my work I'm drawn to the stories around me.  I seek out the details--those organic patterns and forms, and endearing moments in time that capture the heart of a story.  The swirling eddies of water and clouds, the radiating dots on a sea urchin shell, and the fractal forms of bare tree branches, all find expression in my abstract work.  A solitary building, animal, or point of interest in the landscape, draw my eye, inspiring my illustrations.   All these things hold stories and it's these stories that inspire my creative work.

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